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The Ms.Medicine Model

We’re Glad You Landed Here

It’s no secret, today’s healthcare system needs help. Patients – and physicians – are frustrated with the high cost of care and the lack of time patients and providers can spend together, resulting in care that is not high quality.

Because Ms.Medicine providers opt out of medical insurance and Medicare, we can spend the time our patients deserve. We commit to maintaining a small patient panel, ensuring patients have access when they need it and the time they deserve with their provider.

Costs are controlled, because patients and doctors have a direct financial relationship. In fact, many patients (especially those with high-deductible plans) see cost-savings in terms of their out-of-pocket costs because of the all-inclusive membership, reduction in urgent care and ER visits, access to discounted labs and prescriptions, and focus on wellness and prevention.

Women Have Specific Needs

Traditional primary care settings don’t have the time or training to address women’s complex health concerns. Ms.Medicine providers are women’s health internists who provide expertise and care in a number of gender-specific areas, including:

  • Contraception
  • Perimenopause & menopause
  • Evidence-based hormone therapy
  • Sexual health
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Migraine management
  • Nutrition and weight-management
  • Bone health and osteoporosis
  • Mental health
  • Breast cancer risk assessment and individualized prevention and screening plan
  • Cancer survivorship

Ms.Medicine Delivers
Exceptional Care

The concierge model at Eileen West, MD and Associates includes:

  • All-inclusive, women’s health-focused, primary care provided by a women’s health-trained provider for one annual fee
  • More time with your doctor, less time waiting. A 60-minute, annual physical and wellness visit and as many in-office, 30-minute follow-up or urgent visits as needed throughout the year
  • Annual vision and hearing screenings
  • Routine annual visit labwork
  • EKG (if appropriate)
  • 24/7 access to me via phone, cell and email, including telehealth and home visits (when appropriate)
  • Guaranteed same-day or next-day urgent visits with me
  • Wellness and disease prevention strategies
  • In-office IV fluids and medications, when appropriate, to prevent urgent care or ER visits
  • Access to deeply discounted in-office labs, and other office services.
  • And, coming soon, an expanded Ms.Medicine website with patient portal and mobile app providing patients with access to the office, their provider and their health records

(*in-office diagnostics, IV fluids, home visits, and some wellness services incur additional, reasonable fees)

You deserve better.

It’s time for Ms.Medicine.

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