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women’s health matters.

Long wait times to schedule an appointment with your doctor should never prevent a woman from keeping up with her critical annual gynecological exam. This is one of the primary reasons Dr. Birkholz offers gynecological specialty appointments for non-members of her practice. Her expertise in complex gynecological issues and comprehensive gynecology adds immense value to a woman’s health.

Comprehensive, annual gynecological visits for non-members are $295 for an initial consult visit or annual exam – follow ups are billed based on time and include any visits that come after the initial visit.

– 45-minute follow up: $225

– 30-minute follow up: $150

– 15-minute follow up: $75

Patients can apply consult fees to their HSAs if available. Any testing or lab work may be submitted to insurance if applicable or patients will have the option to pay cash at a significantly reduced rate, often 90% less.

Whether you are currently struggling with a gynecological issue such as painful or irregular periods, require a prescription for contraception, or are just in need of a reliable, annual, comprehensive evaluation – we welcome you to our practice.