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Give the Gift of Health this Holiday Season

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‘Tis the season of giving – a perfect time to consider sharing the gift of health and wellness! 

Often the things we truly need are those we feel too guilty to buy for ourselves. Think about it…when was the last time you bought yourself (free of ANY guilt) a massage, facial, or gym membership? If you’re like me, you may treat yourself a few times a year…but never without a little pang of guilt.

When considering a gift of health, you should make sure to match the gift to the person’s interest, as the most important thing is to make sure they will use it and not feel offended by the offering (remember the Peloton commercial last holiday season?). If someone has expressed interest in becoming healthier and started taking steps in that direction or have mentioned an interest in a specific health related item, then it’s certain to be the perfect gift.

Consider the practicality, simplicity and thoughtfulness of the following holiday gift ideas! I’ve compiled a short list of some health-friendly presents to consider this holiday season! Believe me, your friends and family will LOVE it!

For the fitness fanatic:

  • A gym membership
  • A week or months’ worth of fitness classes
  • Something for their home gym like a yoga mat, weights, Peloton or treadmill

For the foodie:

  • A fancy blender for smoothies
  • A kitchen gadget for healthy cooking
  • A subscription to a healthy meal service
  • A gift certificate to a healthy food establishment

For the wellness warrior:

  • A gift certificate for a massage or facial
  • Healthy skin care products
  • An appointment with a Reiki or other integrative wellness provider

For ANYONE who is invested in their health:

  • Sessions with a health coach
  • A subscription to a health related learning source like Harvard Health Online

And finally – consider the gift of a membership to LBMD & Associates!

By gifting a membership, you are giving your loved one access to an unmatched level of health care in West Michigan. LBMD & Associates offers a welcoming environment that helps put patients at ease the minute they walk through our doors. We prioritize evidence-based and personalized care, the provider-patient relationship, and well care rather than just sick care. There’s nothing more valuable in life than good health, so help your loved ones begin investing in their most valuable asset – their well-being.

We are here to make this holiday season the healthiest one ever for you and your family and friends. If you’d like to learn more about gifting a membership to LBMD & Associates (or treat yourself to one!) give us a call at 616-345-5263. 

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