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Direct Primary Care

Anna Spoelhof, FNP-C

The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model is a more affordable way to become a member of the practice. Patients pay a monthly or annual fee based on their age and modest fees for visits. Patients can expect an exceptional standard of care with access to same-day or next-business-day appointments for urgent matters, longer appointment times, little-to-no-wait times, convenient technology and membership in a practice dedicated specifically to the complex health needs of women. DPC patients will also benefit from discounted pricing for consult appointments with Dr. Birkholz to address more complicated Women’s Health concerns and/or procedures. DPC patients will see Nurse Practitioner, Anna Spoelhof. Learn more about Anna here.

  • DPC Membership Pricing:

    • Age 25 and younger – $20 per month

    • Ages 26 – 44 – $40 per month

    • Ages 45 – 64 – $60 per month

    • Age 65 and older – $80 per month

  • DPC Visit costs:

    • 60-minute visit – $85

    • 30-minute follow-up or acute visit $45

    • 15-minute follow-up or nurse‘s visit – $25

Patients can apply visit costs to their HSAs if available. Any testing or lab work may be submitted to insurance if applicable or patients will have the option to pay cash at a significantly reduced rate, often 90% less.

Learn more about Direct Primary Care in the videos below.